Zinc rich paints are paints in which the zinc powder functions as the active pigment. It is present in the dry paint film at  levels of 85-92 wt%. It is due to these high levels of zinc powder that the paint has the qualities of a metallic zinc film which allows the paint to protect the steel by the mechanism of cathodic protection.

For other applications (e.g. shop primers) where a short term protection is needed (6 months to 1 year), the zinc content is considerably lower. 

For many decades zinc rich paints have been considered to be the most effective anti-corrosion paint systems in use, and have a proven excellence in this application. The thickness of these zinc primers can vary between 6 and 125 microns: the higher the thickness and the higher the zinc content, the longer they may provide the anti-corrosion protection to the steel.

The main application area of zinc powder paints is in the anti-corrosion protection for industrial construction (steel infrastructure, pipelines, bridges, windmills, off shore rigs, petrochemical and power industries.…) and the anti-corrosion protection for marine applications. (sea containers, construction and maintenance of ships and marine equipment)

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